Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Week in the Life 2018 | Monday

Hi there! I'm participating in Ali Edwards' 'Week in the Life' project this week! I've done this project 2x already, and it is by far my favourite scrapbooking/memory keeping project, and my favourite albums to look back on. For more information on the project, see Ali's site here:

But basically, it is an in-depth documentation of one week of your life. So daily I am taking pictures of our life, and documenting the details of our day.

Here is Monday, May 7th:

Had a not great night of sleep last night - Austen is going through a bit of a phase where he wants me to sleep in his bed, which after JJ's sleep issues, I am just refusing to. (We gave in to JJ and it ended up with months of one of us having to go sleep in his bed to help him get back to sleep.) Austen woke up at 1:30am and came into bed with me, and refused to go back into his bed. I had a not great sleep for the rest of the night, as he sleeps pressed into you... Not just cuddling, but literally constant pressure against you. The good thing was he slept in till almost 7:30, and probably would have slept longer if we didn't have to get up and ready for preschool (always the way it works!)

He is becoming Mr. Independent lately and wants to do everything for himself, including getting up on the counter himself, getting an apple, and washing and drying it. 

Apple slices with cinnamon for breakfast this morning. Austen isn't a huge breakfast eater, and JJ goes through phases. This was what they wanted this morning - easy enough!

Off to preschool drop off! Along with the sleep issues, Austen has been having some on & off issues with being dropped off - he wants me to stay at preschool, or says that he 'needs me' there. He loves preschool, and his friends there, and once he is distracted enough it's not a problem. Just one of those phases. 

My breakfast for this morning, which I finally have once we get home from drop off and a quick stop at Wal-Mart to get some printer paper. 

Hockey, hockey, hockey. That is what JJ thinks and talks about 90% of the day. As soon as we get home he gets his stick and puck and starts taking shots and doing play-by-play. We also get asked countless times throughout the day if we will play hockey with him. 

Emptying the dishwasher with my little helper. He is a genuine help with most things, which is so nice.

Just getting to the school to pick Austen up. Been listening to lots of TSN 1290 and Jets talk in the last few weeks (even more than usual!) with the awesome playoff run they're on. This city is all Jets, all the time!

If Jason is working and I have JJ with me, it is a bit of a time crunch to pick Austen up and get JJ ready for school/bus pickup. Now that it's nice out, Austen wants to stay and play with his friends on the play structure after school - so JJ has been bringing his lunch and eating it there (then going for a quick play himself), so we can just get home and he is pretty much ready to go. It's a win-win, and Austen has been good about when I tell him it's time to leave, it's time to leave (the last 2 or 3 times anyways!)

This kiddo is super excited that it is nice enough to wear shorts to school today!! :) :) 

Getting on Bus 5 with Ken. JJ loves taking the bus to school, and loves his bus driver, Ken. (He is a pretty awesome bus driver.) He takes the time to talk to the kids every day when they get on the bus about something he knows is going on with them or they're excited about. There are days when it would be easier to just drive JJ to school (when we have to drop something off, or if Jason is volunteering and going to the school anyways) and JJ still wants to take the bus (and does!)

I eat lunch after I drop JJ off at the bus (if I eat lunch at all). Today it is just half a PB&J sandwich and a yogurt.

I let Austen watch a bit of the iPad while I'm eating lunch. The only way to eat in peace. 

Weird story - I used to buy the small snack size bag of these every day in Jr. High from the canteen. For like a year I want to say... and I had a weird craving for them when I walked by them at Wal-Mart this morning, and they just jumped into my hand. 

Well, this came out of nowhere! Last week it was cold enough to need toques mitts and light winter jackets.

Almost a year ago Austen randomly said this to me one night, and since then he says it to me multiple times a day, every day. Lots of the time, he will completely stop what he's doing, look me right in the eye and smile his adorable, cheesy smile, and say this. Gah!

Oh, this crazy goofball! Dinosaurs are a big thing in this house right now!

Supper - veggie burgers, roasted potatoes and a chipotle salad. Yum!

This little monkey must be going though a growth spurt! He ate everything on his plate, and it was a helping that probably would have satisfied my appetite! Way to go, JJ! He's always been my good eater. 

Dishes. I actually kind of enjoy doing the dishes. It's proably my favourite chore. I put on a podcast or watch some videos on YouTube or Netflix. I find it very relaxing. 

After a quick bath for this kiddo, and getting ready for bed, it's time for our bedtime story! Both boys love our ritual of a bedtime story and ask for it every night. They like reading the same books sometimes - this is probably the 3rd or 4th time we've gone through this Star Wars series (they also love the Rescue Bot book, Nate the Great series, and Paw Patrol, to name a few). It is Austen's 'job' to get the pillows and book ready while JJ is finishing up getting ready for bed. 

Both super into it!

Good night to this cutie!

Lots of times Austen will cup my face with his hands when he kisses me goodnight. JJ saw him do that, and decided he wanted to do it tonight too :) 

After a bit of instagram scrolling, I sat down to watch the Jets game - they have the chance to clinch the series and move onto the Western Conference final! Go Jets Go!

The game is not going well. I finally turn it off out of frustration when they are down 3-0 in the 3rd period. They ended up losing 4-0. Hoping they can pull off the win Thursday night in Nashville!!

After that, I watch a show on the PVR - Splitting Up Together, then remember I have to put the garbage out for garbage day tomorrow! So at midnight I am doing that. I finally go get ready for bed after that, and finally turn out the lights around 1.

And that's Monday :) 

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Monday, March 19, 2018

Memory Keeping Monday: "I Love This" Scrapbook Layout

I'm back today to share another page I made with my "Clear the Desk" kit (see Shimelle.com for info on the class) and a Page Maps sketch from November 2016. I was a little skeptical about the circles (I'm kind of a lazy scrapper, and the thought of getting out my Big Shot to cut them made me think twice), but I actually really love how it turned out. The pictures are from a day at EPCOT on our May 2016 Orlando trip. We had stopped for lunch and JJ was just being his ham-ball self.

I'm so glad to finally be using up some of this stash! Can't wait to get some more pages done :)

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Friday, March 16, 2018

Heartfelt Friday: "Eat. Sleep. Repeat." Scrapbook Layout

Hello, hello! I'm back with another Heartfelt Friday post, and today I'm sharing a page I made for Austen's baby album using the Cut Above "The Story Begins" kit. (Available in boy or girl colours)

I am really loving using this kit to add some pages to his baby album. It is so quick and easy to get a page done - the hardest part was literally picking out the pictures, ha!

All of the month banners are stickers you just pop on once you have your pictures down, and the numbered hearts are little paper pieces you add on top. I popped every other one up with foam dots to give some dimension to the page. I also used the foam dots on the "Sleep" in the title, once again for dimension.

It just melted my heart when I showed Austen this layout, and at 3.5 years old he was so excited and repeatedly told me, "Thank you for making this!" Just the sweetest :)

I hope you've enjoyed seeing some Close to my Heart work today, and I highly suggest this kit if you have some baby pictures you want to get scrapped! It would also make an awesome baby gift, either for someone to make themselves, or for you to put together and give, and just have them pop on some photos and journaling.

You can always shop my online store here: https://craftwithnicole.closetomyheart.ca/ 

If you have any questions, never hesitate to contact me! hellocraftwithnicole AT gmail.com

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Friday, March 9, 2018

Introducing: Heartfelt Fridays!

Well, since I've been meeting my goal of posting weekly on Mondays, for Memory Keeping Monday, (for 3 weeks! haha!), I've decided to add-on another weekly series - Heartfelt Friday.

In these posts, I will be using or highlighting Close to my Heart products specifically. Most of my blog already does this anyway, but a catchy title doesn't hurt!

So for today's installment, I'm sharing a page I made with Chelsea Gardens papers & a background paper from the Basics Fundamentals pack. 

My Christmas present this year was a family ring, with the birthstones of my husband, 2 boys, and myself. I am IN LOVE with this ring. I've been looking for something like this for literally 3 years (since Austen was born), and could never find anything that I totally loved. And since I wanted this ring to be something like a wedding ring, that I wear all the time, it needed to be something I really loved. Enter Little Sycamore! I found her through someone else on Instagram, and as soon as I saw her Mothers Rings I knew this was what I'd been waiting for!

So, I just had to make a page about it. I used a sketch/layout design from Shimelle's Clear the Desk class, along with the aforementioned CTMH papers. I still have some "You & Me" Complements (no longer available) that I've been saving, so used a few of the stickers from that, and boom! Another layout in the books :)

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Monday, March 5, 2018

Memory Keeping Monday: "Yay!" Scrapbook Layout

Good morning! It's a snowy, blustery day here today and the boys are experiencing their 'first snow day' from school! (But they're only 3.5 and 5, so to them, they don't really get the excitement of a snow day, haha.)

But for today's Memory Keeping Monday post, I'm sharing something that is far from a snow day! It's a picture from our trip to Orlando in 2016, and our day at Epcot :)

I'm taking Shimelle's "Clear the Desk" class, which helps you use up old stash by making kits out of said stash, and making as many pages as possible out of your 'kit'. This is my first page :)  You'll notice that most of the stuff I share on this blog is Close to my Heart related, since I'm a consultant with them... but in this case I'm trying to use up a whole closet full of stash from before I was a consultant, so these pages will be using other product. (Anything that clears out my room - since there seems to be new stuff coming into it all the time!)

I'm really trying to get a good chunk of Disney pages done. I have a ton of Disney photos from multiple trips in the last year that I'd like to get into an album. (We own a vacation rental house just outside of Orlando, so are lucky enough to go there quite often - www.orlandorentalvilla.ca if you are planning a trip and want to stay in a house not far from Disney!) Anyways, so I will be kitting up some of my old stash and hoping to knock out a bunch of Disney pages over the next couple of months!

I'm so happy to finally be getting some Disney pages done, and to be getting a bunch of un-used product used up - wish me luck on keeping that up!

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Monday, February 26, 2018

Memory Keeping Monday: "Better Together" Scrapbook Layout

I'm back today with another page to share for "Memory Keeping Monday"!

I have had these pictures sitting on my scraproom desk for over a year.  Just about everytime I'm in there I saw them, and really didn't know what I wanted to do with them. Truthfully, there's not too much of a story behind them. They are just cute selfies I took with the boys while we were waiting for Jason on a ride at Disney. I think that was part of what was blocking me from using them... I typically feel drawn to scrapbook something because it's a story I want to tell, and journaling is always an important piece of my pages. Here I really had nothing to say except for the Who, What, Where, When, Why of the photo. But, finally, inspiration hit and I was able to come up with this page, and I love it! It's also important to me because they are pictures that I'm in, which doesn't happen all that often either.

I used a December 2017 Page Maps sketch for my design, and stuck to it pretty closely. My papers are from Close to my Heart's Gimme Some Sugar paper pack. I love that woodgrain piece - if I could I'd probably buy a hundred of it! (You can never have too much woodgrain!) And the light turquoise piece behind the photos is the ombre watercolour piece from the Adventure Fundamentals paper pack. For the embellishments I used a mix from the Better Together Complements (which look like they're currently unavailable), retired Our Story Complements and Bitty Sparkles.

I'm on a roll and feel like I've finally hit a groove making pages! This page came together in one night, which is almost a record for me! (I am an extremely slow scrapper...)

Have you made any pages recently? I'd love for you to share, I always love checking out other people's work!

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Monday, February 19, 2018

Memory Keeping Monday: "Falcon Heavy" Scrapbook Layout

Yay! First of all, have to give myself a high-five for following through on my "Memory Keeping Monday" ambitions! (It's already looking good for next week too!) If you missed last week, I'm hoping to post a layout (or something related to memory-keeping... but mostly layouts) every Monday. I'm hoping the external push will motivate my obliger tendencies.

This week, I took the easier road an used another layout that I created for my Stargazer scrapbook workshop, and just had to pop some pictures and journaling on it. Still loving this collection. And once again, I had some more 'space' photos I wanted to scrapbook. Like previously mentioned, all things space and rockets and astronauts are a hit around here right now, so you know we were watching the Falcon Heavy test launch that took place a few weeks ago! Austen was home with me, so we both watched the live coverage of it on my laptop - he was pretty thrilled when they did the countdown and it took off. He also loved watching the boosters come back to Earth and land, simultaneously. I mean, it was a pretty amazing sight. And it's been a pretty big deal around here since. (Austen asks to watch the launch at least daily). So my page is just the basics of the launch, with some pictures I got from the SpaceX site. I'm also planning on doing a page for the Tesla that was launched into space, as well as Austen's love of watching it all over, and over, and over again. But those are for another day.

Here is a look at the layout I've made:

It doesn't photograph that well, but the title and some embellishments are silver foil. I've been super drawn to silver over gold lately.

Love this little piece of history being preserved alongside our memories!

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