Thursday, November 30, 2017

Around Here | November 2017

Around here we weren't actually 'around here' for half of the month... we were on vacation in sunny, warm Florida! So much fun!

Around here the boys had so much fun in Disney World this time around... Every time we I go keep saying that they're just at the perfect age for it, but it's really starting to get to that point now - they're old enough to do (most) rides and get into all the excitement and make it through a long Disney day, and young enough to really be in that super magical place, and truly believe the characters are all real. Lots of fun memories made.

Around here we had so much fun at Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party! The parade at the party is one of my favourites out of ALL the different Disney parades, and the boys are very into Santa this year.

Around here we also took a day to visit the Kennedy Space Center again, and the boys loved it. Once again, getting to a really good age for things like that. We'd been previously, but they were only 9 months and 3 years old... so we enjoyed it, but it was above their interests and knowledge. They have both been interested in space and rockets lately, so it was a big hit this time around.

Around here we also enjoyed a few relaxing days in the pool. Not as many as we'd hoped, but still better than none! JJ especially loves the water, he would stay in the pool literally all day if he could. He must have done about a million cannonballs! Ha! (Shameless plug - if you are going on vacation to the Orlando area and are looking for a villa to rent, check out our vacation rental:!)

Around here as much as I enjoyed our time away, and it didn't feel long enough, I am always glad to be back home and get back into a routine. More and more I am realizing how much better I operate with a routine.

Around here we are having another mild winter so far. The temperatures have been very up and down (balmy one day and cold with frigid winds the next) but as of the end of November, we have almost no snow on the ground! But that can change very quickly...

Around here we have begun our Christmas prep! The tree is up, lights are on the house and all of our Christmas decorations are put out (plus, added some more to our collection this year!) It's definitely starting to feel festive!

Around here I'm ready to bust out the Christmas tunes. The boys are already singing some, as they've begun their Christmas concert prep at school - also so looking forward to those! Last year was our first Christmas concert experience, and it was awesome.

Around here the excitement of thinking about and planning for the new year is starting to set in. I (like most people) always love the fresh start of a new year. I need to set some time aside and get some stuff written down!

I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season filled with love and magic! Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Craft with Nicole - Silver & Gold Scrapbook Workshop!

Sorry for the crickets around here lately! This fall has been extremely full and unfortunately, my expectations for things I've wanted to get done have not met the reality of how many hours are in a day! I'm hoping to get back to my regular routine around here in the next little bit. That probably sounds a bit ridiculous with the craziness of the holiday season coming upon us, but things have just been that busy lately!

In the midst of the craziness I've been working on a scrapbook workshop using the lovely Silver & Gold collection from the latest Close To My Heart Seasonal Expressions book! This was my favourite collection in this book, so I knew I had to do a workshop with it! And I'm so pleased with how it turned out.

Here's a look at it!

This workshop creates EIGHT double-page spreads! (16, 12x12 pages!)

I love the classic look of this collection - these pages would go great with ANY Christmas or holiday pictures. I'm also planning on duplicating some of them and using the Better Together Complements to documents some pictures from my cousin's wedding this past summer! The possibilities are endless. I just love how these papers could go with so many different occasions. 

Supplies needed to complete the pages are:
G1138 – WYW Silver & Gold Scrapbooking Kit - $38.25 CAD/$29.95 USD
X5955 – (24) Pebble Cardstock (workshop uses 8) - $18.50 CAD/$14.50 USD
1385 - (24) White Daisy Cardstock (workshop uses 12) - $12.25 CAD/$9.50 USD
Z3365 – Gold Foil Paper (workshop uses 1) - $9.00 CAD/$6.95 USD

Additional Supplies:
Z2805 - Black Ink Pad - $10.25 CAD/ $7.95 USD
Z2832 - Pewter Ink Pad - $10.25 CAD/ $7.95 USD
Z697 - Sponge Tool - $1.74 CAD/$1.25 USD
(Sponge and Ink only needed if you plan on distressing papers)
Z3329 – Thin Cuts – Basic Stars - $16.50 CAD/$12.95 USD

And the best part is, when you place an order of $35 or more in my online shop, I will email you the workshop instructions for FREE! Visit my shop here:  If you are not in Canada but would like to purchase this workshop, you can use the PayPal option at the end of this post, or email me :)

And for my fellow CTMH Consultants, you also have the option to get this workshop to use for your own business! Click below to purchase the workshop instructions for $15CAD, and I will email them to you!

If you don't receive your instructions within 24 hours, please email me at

Here are some close-ups of the pages in the workshop! (In my opinion, they look much nicer in person - the gold and silver accents just don't photograph as beautifully)

Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or comments!

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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

October with Close To My Heart!

Well, we're already a week into October, so I better let you know about all of the specials we have going on this month with Close To My Heart!

October's monthly special is Share a Smile. As always, when you purchase this year's Punny Pals stamp set, Close To My Heart will donate $7 USD of the proceeds to Operation Smile. And, for this month only and while supplies last, you can get a coordinating set of Thin Cuts for cutting out the adorable animal shapes! There is also an exclusive card kit that includes the Thin Cuts along with card bases, envelopes, paper pieces, and instructions that you can use to create endearing cards that will bring a smile to anyone’s day!

For New Consultants: Anyone who becomes a Close To My Heart Consultant in October will receive a FREE Share a Smile Card Kit (CC1342) in their New Consultant Kit — that’s a $62.29 CAD value, totally free!

Round-up Matching: Every time you place an order, you can round your order up to the nearest dollar, giving the extra as a donation to Operation Smile™. During October, your round-up donation will go even further, because Close To My Heart will be matching all round-up donations, up to $10,000 USD!

Lucky Winners: When you participate in our Share a Smile promotion by purchasing any of these special items or rounding up your order in support of Operation Smile™ you will automatically qualify for a chance to win a not-yet-released stamp set from our upcoming 2018 Seasonal Expressions 1 idea book! They'll be choosing winners throughout the month of October, so anytime you place an order, you have a chance to win!

Contact me or shop my site to get this adorable stamp set and card kit today, and help support an awesome cause! :)

And for the month of October only, get the Stamp of the Month - Christmas Tunes!

Such a great stamp for your Christmas cards or tags!

Here are some cards using the set:

Just add a bit of cardstock or patterned paper and you have some really cute, but easy cards!

This set is available during October only! The regular pricing on it is $23CAD, but when you place an order of $50 or more in my shop, you can purchase the special stamp set for just $6!

You can find these great deals and more in my shop:

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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

"You My Best Friend" Scrapbook Layout

Today I'm sharing one of my favourite pages I've made in a while. Because of the story, and just how the page itself turned out. 

I loved the CTMH "Adventure Fundamental" pack as soon as I saw it - major heart eyes for that giant watercolour floral paper! And that thin cut alpha set is going to become my best friend! Love the ability to make a title out of any piece of paper. (And yes, I do own an electronic die cutting machine, but am usually too lazy to bust it out for titles 😕)

And the story is one that is dear to my heart. One evening, after have one of 'those' days with Austen (not listening, doing things he knows he's not supposed to, constant battles over everything) we were in his room getting ready for bed. I was very done by this point, and just counting down the seconds until bedtime. All of a sudden, he just looked at me with the most genuine smile and said, "Mommy, you my best friend". I was blown away. I didn't even know he knew those words or what they really meant. I just thought it was a fluke, so once we were all done with the bedtime routine and I was tucking him into bed I asked, "Who's your best friend?" and he just smiled sweetly at me again and said, "You!" *heart melting* Cut to months later, and he still tells me many, many times a day that I'm his best friend. Each time so sweetly and genuinely. For the longest time Jason would try to get him to say that Jason was his best friend too, but he refused. Just in the last week or two, he will finally say, "Mommy, you my best friend.... and you too Dad" - or JJ, or all of us together. Ugh... this kid can be such a little bum... but he can also be the sweetest little soul. 💙

Here are some closer looks at the page: 

Thanks for stopping by!

CTMH Supplies Used: 
Z3351 - Adventure Fundamental Paper Pack
Z3351 - Emerald Cardstock
Z3351 - Happy Moments Complements
Z3386 - Thin Cuts Block Alphabet set
E1030 - Handwritten Print Stamp Set
Z3312 - Gold Glitter gems
Z1263 - Bitty Sparkles

Monday, October 2, 2017

Around Here | September 2017

Well, September was a whirlwind!! I can't believe it's already over and into October, yet at the same time, when I think back to things we had going on at the beginning of September, it feels like that was already months ago! Here's a peek into our month:

Around here we celebrated Austen's 3rd birthday! We bought him a BB-8 bike and an adorable matching helmet, and he's had fun ripping around the neighbourhood on it. We had the traditional Sargent Sundae birthday ice cream as well. And he loved his "Paw Patrol" birthday party. The look on his face while everyone sang 'Happy Birthday' to him was priceless.

Around here we also had a lot of other things to celebrate - my Mom's birthday, my (soon-to-be) sister-in-law's birthday, AND the engagement of my brother to said soon-to-be sister-in-law! It's been a busy month just in celebrations alone!

Around here JJ started Kindergarten and he is loving it. He gets to take the bus everyday, which is also a high point in his day - and his bus driver, Ken, is a big hit! We put him into french immersion, and he is enjoying that and seems to be taking to it pretty well.  His first day of school was so cute, and I surprised myself by not even tearing up at all! All in all, his kindergarten experience is going great!

Around here we now have two kids attending school, as Austen started preschool this month as well! He is also really enjoying it! He was really excited on the first day that he got to stay there all by himself. Last year I would have to carry him out of there kicking and screaming when we dropped JJ off, so this is much easier!

Around here JJ, Jason and my dad continued their Banjo Bowl tradition (a game in our local football league) for a 3rd year. JJ looks forward to this game literally for months, and it turned out to be, a great game and they had a blast! JJ was a little miffed and disappointed that the players didn't give him high-fives on the way out (some tried, but JJ's arms were just a tiny bit too short to reach!), but other than that, he reported that he was 'very happy with how the Bombers played' when he got home that evening.

Around here I've had some big tech issues - my laptop was on it's last legs and needed a new hard drive. Since it seemed to be a problem with my drive, the guy at the computer store suggested that I didn't just clone the drive (as I'd just be cloning over all the problems) and start with a fresh install, so that's been a bit of a pain getting everything re-installed and transferred over. I was also having some issues with my phone and ended up having to get a new one as well (thankfully just made it within days of my warranty ending!) So hopefully I'm good on the tech front for a while now!

Around here Austen has been obsessed with Transformers and the Transformer Rescue-bots. He got some for his birthday, and they have been a gigantic hit! They have really been the only toys that he has ever consistently played with, and for long periods of a time. They day he got them at his party, he literally just stayed inside and played with them for like an hour while all of his cousins were playing outside on the bouncy castle and play structure!

Around here we're excited in this household to have hockey back! Well.... I guess I should say actual NHL hockey back... because JJ still played tons in the 'off season'. (And I'm referring to mini-stick hockey in the living room... not like actual hockey.) But he's excited to have it back on TV, and I'm excited to not have to watch the same 3 games that we had on the PVR over, and over, and over and over again!

Around here I just spent an awesome day with other like-minded, scrappy ladies at our Close to my Heart Fall Event in Winnipeg. It was so nice to have a day for myself, and to spend time learning about something that I love, and being with other women who feel the same! I don't have any actual 'real life' friends that scrapbook, so it's always nice to be able to get together in person with other scrapbookers! It was a day I needed after all of the other craziness around here this past month!

Around here the boys seem to be back in an 'early morning phase' and I have been getting woken up way too early for my liking. (I know, first world problems!) I am a night owl by nature, so it doesn't help that I've been going to bed too late. It's been kind of a grumpy last week. I'm aiming for an earlier bedtime for myself this week (and so far, not off to a great start!)

That's been our September, around here. I'd love to hear how yours was!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

'You've got a Friend in me' Halloween Layout

Today I'm here to share a layout from the 'Cats & Bats' scrapbook workshop I designed! This layout is my favourite out of all the spreads, and I created it with these pictures in mind!

These pictures are from Halloween 2014.  JJ wanted to be Buzz from Toy Story, so I knew I had to find a little Woody costume for Austen. Luckily, I found the cutest little sleeper (which was fine, since he wasn't actually going out Trick-or-Treating anyways...) This was also the first year JJ went out Trick-or-Treating around the neighbourhood. He loved it! Such a fun night!

I still have a few other photos from this Halloween that I'd like to include, so I'll probably throw those in a pocket page using a Pocket Plus Memory Protector and call it done!

Last Halloween (so, 2 years after these photos), the boys wanted to be Buzz and Woody, again! Haha! So up next I'll have another layout from my workshop with some photos from last year!

Thanks for stopping by!

Supplies Used:
G1136 - Cats & Bats Workshops Your Way - $35.75 CAD

Monday, September 4, 2017

September Specials with Close to my Heart

Ahhh, September. I am so looking forward to getting back into a routine around here. We have had a very busy, hectic past few weeks. It's been fun, but I'm ready to slow down a bit now. The boys were just at my parent's house for a sleepover this past weekend, so I had the house to myself for 24+ glorious hours. I spent a lot of it scrapbooking (yay!), some of it cleaning, and some of it just relaxing and clearing my head. It felt like a nice little 'reset', and was exactly what I needed.

Of course, September also brings a bunch of fun stuff from Close to my Heart with it as well!

First up, this month is National Stamping Month, and Close to my Heart has created this beautiful From the Heart card kit. This kit contains materials for creating 12 interactive cards, including foil-stamped card bases, an exclusive My Acrylix® layering stamp set, envelopes and step-by-step instructions.

You can purchase the set at a 20% discount, or you can just purchase the stamp set individually. If you need extra card bases and envelopes those are also available to purchase separately. This set is available September 1-30th, 2017, while supplies last.  See my shop here for more details:

And during September, Hostesses that host a Gathering that reaches the 3rd Level of hostess Rewards or higher can get the From the Heart card kit as a FREE item! ($56 CAD value!)

And if you sign up as a new Consultant in September, you will receive the From the Heart card kit FREE in your New Consultant Kit—an added value of $56 CAD! (As well, if you sign up under me, you get full access to any workshops I create to use for yourself, or in your business!)

Now, onto September's Stamp of the Month - Feel so Blessed

This set is available for September only! The regular pricing on it is $23CAD, but when you place an order of $50 or more in my shop, you can purchase the special stamp set for just $6!

Here is some artwork showing it put to use:

Loving that layout! I think it's next on my 'scraplifting list'! haha!

If you want to take part in any of these great offerings, contact me or check out my shop at

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